Contouring Body Images Body Bed

Red Light Therapy reverses the effects caused by uv rays. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, stretch marks, scars, tightens the skin, shrinks pores, great for the winter blues and so much more!!

Contouring Body Images Bed – Revolutionary! No other device in the market offers such a short treatment time per surface area and no staff required! This self-service station is ideal for lean Practices, Fitness, Wellness and other Centers.

Contouring Body Images Bed is a RED light device designed to help people anti-ageing, performance improvement, pain and inflammation and FDA Approved. Unlike most body contouring devices, Contouring Body Images Bed uses RED light instead of laser. RED light produces the same results as laser, only safer.

Contouring Body Images Bed is safe, painless and completely non-invasive treatment for anti-ageing, performance improvement for athletes, pain and inflammation as well as for sun damage, wound healing, acne, wrinkles, scaring, stretch marks and pigmentation spots. Contouring Body Images RED light works in only 20 minutes per session.